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San Quentin releases anthemic new single "You’re Lost"

San Quentin might hail from Southend-on-Sea, but are appealing to audiences nationally with their hard-hitting and working-class messages. The masterminds behind the band are songwriter Liam Cass, singer Owen Eves, drummer Luke John and bassist Nick Keep, all their sounds blending together to create a unique and signature offering.

The past year has seen them receive a warm welcome from fans and tastemakers alike. Tipped as "Ones to Watch 2023" by This Feeling, selling out a hometown show and impressing at their debut performance at the Isle of Wight Festival, the band are tipped break in 2023.

Their latest single "You're Lost" is anthemic offering. Thrashing drums, driving bass lines and distortion-soaked guitars make the backbone of the track up. On top, Owen Eves vocals are drenched in angst and work hand in glove with hard-hitting lyrics.

"You're Lost" is set to continue their upward trajectory, and we can only see them getting to the top.

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