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Say So City drop 'Mother Teresa', the latest track from their upcoming EP ‘It’s On’

Experimental rock with intense guitar riffs and some electronic influences, Mother Teresa is the latest helping from Denmark-based Say So City, taken straight from their debut EP penciled in this spring.

This track boasts nerdier influences than that of prior releases, with a big focus on sound design, which paid off as the production melds seamlessly with the lead singer's smooth vocals.

The trio comments that “this song was essentially written from that perspective - a mother’s perspective. Mother’s go through a lot, and always want their children to grow up to be decent human beings - clearly, as they raised them and shaped them - but not if that means constantly putting everyone else’s needs and wants before their own. I think someone smart once said: ‘love yourself first, to love others’”.

This track sets up 2022 perfectly for Say So City and the release of It’s On, coming this spring.

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