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Scott Klein shares his debut album ‘Jesse’s Hotel’, a dark vision into the mind of the Canadian mus

Scott Klein is truly an enigma- his complex lyrics explore the world around him, his personal experiences and then a level deeper, analysing his dreams using enchanting metaphors. ‘Jesse’s Hotel’ takes the sound of the American rock of the 60s and blends it with nods to the British music scene and then takes the listener back to California.

Discussing the new album, Scott Klein shares: "A lot of this album were songs I had written on the west coast, I feel that comes out a bit in the recordings, I pull from the 50s 60s and 70s and some from the punk era, I can say anything really, but it comes out how it comes out, I think the things I listen to and read are really just a backing track but where the songs actually come from who knows, but they are honest experiences or dreams that had to come out. What I shoot for is honesty. You can't pin it down to one genre and it's a good thing because the process is always evolving. The recording process grew naturally with the people involved and the things that lined up to make it what it is. I just wanted to make some recordings and see what happened after that and now I'm on the other end, so looking back it's just something that happened like anything that happens, but it all comes from writing the words down with your guitar.”

If you’re looking for a contemporary sound with an overarching throwback influence, Scott Klein might just be your new favourite artist.

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