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"Scraped Knees" is the latest alt-pop meets R&B anthem from Natalie Carr

Gaining support from the likes of LOCK, CLOUT and Music Crowns, "Scraped Knees" is certainly making heads turn and feet tap. The latest single from American songwriter Natalie Carr hears the artist at her finest - sassy and able to leave you sticking the track on repeat. When she's not writing music for herself, she writes for others in all sorts of genres. Taking centre stage in her own spotlight, the track is produced by John McCall 'J-Mac' & Dillon Lawter.

Featuring an out of this production that glistens with confidence, 'Scraped Knees' embraces independence and illustrates that the main person you can depend on in your life is yourself. Beaming through with guidance and coming across as a helping hand in the world's current darkness, 'Scarped Knees' is a vital necessity in Natalie's ever-growing discography. Best described as her finest piece of work to date, this artistic number illuminates a golden future ahead for Natalie.

Explaining her thoughts on ‘Scraped Knees’, Natalie Carr states, “Honestly, Scraped Knees was one of those songs I wrote that just kind of came out of me. I wasn’t looking to write about any particular thing or any given concept, and I remember free-styling parts of it (as I’ve done with several other songs). As the lyrics came together though, and I began to structure it, I knew it was about the futility of trying to please other people. In the first verse, I talk about getting sober and making tons of changes for a relationship that inevitably failed.

It’s almost as if you become the person you think you need to be in a bad relationship just so that you can stay together, but as we are well aware, that doesn’t work. I wrote the hook, ‘scraped knees, jagged teeth, bloodshot baby’ about being emotionally broken and exhausted due to the stresses of preserving a bad relationship and being someone you’re not. ‘Don’t you worry about me… you never worried about me’ is in reference to (said person) coming back into your life at an opportune moment.”

Stream Scraped Knees below.



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