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  • Nova Holmes

Seattle talent JUL!ET serves a wry send up of modern dating culture in latest offering ‘nice try!’

Photo credit: Ernie Sapiro

Seattle-hailing songstress and producer JUL!ET is well-versed in the art of anthemic productions. Following the development of an uplifting indie pop-packed catalogue of sonic goodness, the rising artist now seeks to uncover a more playful style of storytelling. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and of course her signature sassy sound, JUL!ET now returns to the spotlight with her latest offering ‘nice try!’ - effortlessly honing her natural ability to provide light-hearted commentary on the world around her.

With previous thought-provoking releases like ‘Road Trip’ putting her name before a well-versed group of music fans, the unique talent maintains her zest for interpreting her surroundings while continuing to discover a pure means of translating and understanding her experiences.

Echoes of bedroom pop fusion tones are packed with divine, feminine energy in her latest quirky production. As the songstress pulls back the string of the bow and arrow into the heart of the fallacy that modern dating is a fairytale, she delves into the complexities of femininity in this day and age.

Open to all avenues of creative exploration, JUL!ET’s latest offering showcases a new-found self-awareness and an evolved approach as she consistently works to develop her craft and collate ever-growing knowledge. Crafting a refreshingly different sound that is also consistent with the stylistic trends of today’s pop soundscapes, ‘nice try!’ sees the artist double down on layered, internet-inspired production as she embarks on a coming of age journey.

Packing a punch with her playful, vibrant and ultramodern style, JUL!ET’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations within herself as she gradually creates a jigsaw of challenging musings. Supported by a wistful topline; all in great anticipation of a euphonious chorus, stacked synths and complimentary drum patterns add the finishing touches as the rising star serves a wry send up of modern dating.

Speaking of her latest offering, JUL!ET said:

“'nice try!' is about my ambivalence towards dating, struggling with the idea of opening up to someone new while being unwilling to settle.”



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