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seeyousoon return with euphoric 2nd album HZLIKEHELL with dance rap lead single 'MAGIC'

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

seeyousoon are the biggest nine piece to come out of Orlando. Their hard hitting, persuasively addictive rap/hip-hop style resulted in a scintillating debut album release 'VIDE' which was very well received by many. The talented collective have done the opposite of stopping in what should be a time of rest of recharge, and have now quickly returned with their second album 'HZLIKEHELL'.

There are many tracks that hit that sweet spot in this 12 track masterpiece that blends between old fashioned, traditional rap an d hip-hop, to more modern advances. The primary example of this is lead single 'MAGIC', which is definitely more in the mould of a contemporary dance track. Implementing their undeniable charisma and playful lyricism, 'MAGIC' is a pulsating dance rap song that will immediately put you in the mood to go out and party with this simply brilliant group.

It's clear that seeyousoon are always wanting to push their musical boundaries and have no limitations. With appearances on FIFA 22 among a full headline tour scheduled for next year, their constant and ambitious drive will be winning many new fans in what is going to be a massive 12 months for this already hugely successful outfit.

Listen to the full album here:

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