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Singer-songwriter Jaël returns with introspective album "Midlife"

Swiss singer-songwriter Jaël shares personal experiences in her new album rightfully titled "Midlife". Jaël sings about several moments of insight she experienced, including the recognition that imperfection is acceptable for a working mother of two in the song 'Only Human', and a tribute to resilient women facing adversity in 'Untouched by Grey and Rain'.

'Paralyzed' is another notable track, delving into the sensitive subject of sexual assault and the associated fear that can prevent victims from speaking up.'To Miss You' is a bittersweet song reflecting on Jaël's departure from the band Lunik, written in collaboration with former bandmate and producer Luk Zimmermann.

'IiTii' is also an exciting addition to the album, as it marks Jaël's debut song in her native Swiss-German language and explores the experience of feeling different in society as a neuro-sensitive individual. To mention just of few of all the songs that are a part of the album.

This album explores a wide range of themes and emotions. Jaël's warm and melancholic voice remains a constant presence, accompanied by delicate piano ballads or driving guitar tracks. If you want to join Jaël for an introspective analysis, listen below:

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