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Sintra drops another fascinating electronic track "Stylin'"

Newcomer Sintra hasn't had the starts most 'newcomers' have. With his talent being spotted almost instantly, he has gone on to play alongside greats such as Steve Aoki, Dr. Fresch and many more this year, he has quickly made a name for himself in what is a massively populated and hyped industry.

It's easy to see why though, as new single "Stylin'" is an absolute electronic masterpiece. Collaborating with 44Hydra on this one, they have put their sonically unique minds together and the result is HUGE. After the kick at 20 seconds in, any fan of any music would struggle not to at least nod along to this electronic and anthemic drop.

Showing elements of the beloved techno genre in this one, it has a perfectly combined mixture of bold drum and bass and techno, this really showcases Sintra's ever expanding talents and versatility when approaching each song.

Check out "Stylin'" here:


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