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Sintra releases euphoric sophomore single 'Boss'

Rising DJ and producer Dennis Morgan aka Sintra has certainly made a name for himself very quickly. The Nashville native released his debut single 'Break' recently to huge acclaim, even landing a spot alongside the mighty Steve Aoki at one of his shows. You think it doesn't get any better than that, but Sintra has jumped on this momentum and more than maintained it, with his second release 'Boss'.

"Boss" was the song that started it all. I was searching for a new direction and at the time was feeling inspired by the music I was hearing in the bass house scene. One day I sat down in the studio and told myself, "you know who you are, just enjoy the process and have fun with it". I made "Boss" that day, the Sintra project was born shortly after.” - Sintra

Continuing the same vein, it's a dark trance like track that you can imagine among the greats. It's heavily bass driven which is now becoming a signature trait of Sintra's, before then exploding in an explosive drum 'n' bass euphoria, giving the nod to the likes of Jauz. If you're looking for a new DJ to follow, there's nowhere further to look than Sintra.

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