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Songs I Love W/ Calista Kazuko

Calista Kazuko has just released her stunning new single 'So Much Love', an emotionally mature, atmospheric and effortlessly beautiful track demonstrating excellent writing and flawless performance, especially when you delve into the faultless new live video. Encompassing jazz influenced pianos, atmospheric electronics, reverb drenched beats, swelling deep bass, the track possesses an etherial aura before bursting into it's infectious chorus showcasing the solo artists stunning silky vocals over a overwhelming, epic, cinematic soundscape. The single clearly encompasses so many varying influences, we were intrigued, so we asked Calista to tell us about five of her favourite songs:

Carole King - ‘You make me feel like a natural woman’

When asked ‘what song do you wish you’d written’ this is always my answer. To me this is all you could ask for in a song - beautifully crafted storytelling at its very best. Uplifting, personal,

perfection! Carole King was my mum’s absolute fav so listening to Carole King and especially the Tapestry album takes me right back to being a child, filling me with all the warm and cosies I feel for my beautiful Mama.

From an artistic point of view, Carole King is one of my greatest idols. I love the way she uses the piano and her fearless, sensitive songwriting. She has definitely impacted the artist I’ve become.

Also just YES to the whole premise of this song!

Kate Bush - ‘Wuthering Heights’

Kate Bush was my religion as a teenager so I couldn’t do a favourite songs list without including one by Kate.

There are too many incredible Kate Bush songs to choose from but I’ve gone for the obvious choice for its quintessential ‘Bushiness’, a masterclass in how to make a wonderfully wacky historical period number your mainstream debut single hit record.

Also my Dad led the Medici String Quartet who played all the strings on ‘The Kick Inside’ album, which definitely let him climb way up the cool-o-meter ladder as a moody teenager!

Elton John - ‘Rocketman’

I studied at the Royal Academy of Music from when I was tiny as part of their Primary then Junior programme, then later as a degree. When I was a young tween Elton John came into the Academy to do a show with the Academy orchestra. As a past student of the Junior Academy this was a tradition Elton did every year to support the youngsters. They let the current staff and students in to watch a rehearsal and as I sat an arm’s length away from one of my greatest heroesI had one of those life affirming, see your whole past and present flash before your eyes moments.

It was in that moment I knew I would be a singer/songwriter!

I chose Rocketman because I think it’s just a blooming great song!

Fiona Apple - ‘Under The Table’

Fiona Apple can do no wrong in my eyes. I looooove all her music but her latest album ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ is just - WOW! I’m obsessed with how Fiona plays with her usual bluesy piano sound alongside dirty beats and her signature vocal games. I have this album on repeat and love all the songs but have chosen this one for its storytelling magic and because when I first heard it I played it again and again to listen to the lyrics which made me literally L.O.L.

Queen - ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Freddie Mercury is my absolute and everything! To me he is the greatest artist of all time, period. I was lucky enough to work with the legend that is Dennis Weinreich who was in the studio for the creation of history being made by such greats as Queen and Supertramp. He is the loveliest guy and a total pleasure to work with!

I’ve chosen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for its total epicness, a lifetime of emotions and experiences in less than 6 minutes. And of course my go to at karaoke!

Watch the stunning live version of Calista Kazuko's new single below:

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