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Johnny Kulo Shares Gorgeous New Single ‘Wrong’

Berlin-based, Indian artist and producer, Johnny Kulo shines on his new single 'Wrong', a funk infused R&B tune, packed with soul and stunning instrumentation. Bridging between old-school soul and modern R&B the track showcases not only Johnny's flawless songwriting but also his and the recording bands prowess as instrumentalists with moments of virtuoso guitar playing and 'oooofff' inducing bass licks.

Laid-back, danceable, dripping with sultry emotion and gorgeous vocal harmonies 'Wrong' demonstrates some of Johnny's finest work. Fitting into a groove among the likes of Jungle, Jordan Rakei and reclusive genius Jai Paul, Johnny Kulo has so much potential as an artist that it's hard to express.

Describing what he’d want the audience to take away from this fresh single:

“I imagine the track will make you reminisce, a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time. Wandering into the idea of what could’ve been and what still could be. A song to send to your ex, an apology note of sorts. I don’t think every song needs to be immensely layered with emotion, I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove.”

Kulo collaborated with a stacked line up of Berlin talent to record ‘Wrong’ - the synergy and enthusiasm with they perform on the track is evident and gives an insight into what listeners can look forward to from upcoming releases.

Listen below:



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