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Spotlight: UK music duo Moodbay’s new single ‘Psycho’

Music duo Moodbay are here to wow you (again) with their beautiful song 'Psycho', taken from their 16-track album 'Moodbay' released December 2020.

These 16 tracks showcase the band's musical foundations, including the first songs they ever penned together as a duo going back to 2017. 'Fallow Land', originally a demo by Anna on her iPad's GarageBand, was turned into a full-scale production by Alfie, with Anna's vocals recorded in a cramped bedroom in Manchester. The pair decided to be an official duo at that time too and found a studio together in Salford, where they also lived.

Alfie then started to write the contrasting tracks 'Free' and 'Circles' while Anna was abroad. Upon her return she added the lyrics and vocal top lines. Whilst 'Free' is more groove-based, 'Circles' has a more left-field sound. Moodbay have always been drawn to the immediate catchiness of more outright pop tracks as well as the experimental production of Sevdaliza and their favourite band Radiohead. Moving forward, the duo are honing in on a combination of this, whilst drawing influences from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Arcade Fire too. We can expect to hear new music this summer and see, for the first time, what the band is all about visually too.

For now, let's enjoy the album and their single 'Psycho'. This track was written more recently, initially by Anna at piano with elements of production laid out, before Alfie refined the track in the studio, adding brooding layers of synth. With memorable themes to each of their song, 'Psycho' is no exception. A love-hate situation, where each person feels misunderstood by the other. Though actions are irreversible, there's always hope for change. Someone can turn those actions around by becoming a better version of themselves. And the last thing they want is to be called 'crazy' because that would be discouraging! As the lyric goes: "just call me by my name"...

The album is a mesh of different sounds and marks the first Moodbay era. We are confident that the sound they are busy sculpting now is going to be even better! These guys are prolific songwriters with the ability to craft great songs first and foremost. The future holds great things for Moodbay.

‘Psycho’ by Moodbay is available to stream and download as part of their album right here:

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