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Spring Silver Releases Cinematic and Surreal Music Video for Single "Little Prince"

Spring Silver, the innovative indie artist from Washington, D.C. ushering in a new genre of "queer metal" is back with the music video for their latest single, "Little Prince." The track itself, off of their widely-acclaimed LP I Could Get Used to This, is full of energy and hard-hitting instrumentals. The commentary on suburban life translates well to a playful, and artistic, visual complement.

We sat down with Spring Silver to get their take on the video's process and the single.

FLEX: Where did the inspiration for this track come from? Who is the “Little Prince”?

Spring Silver: The lyrics and the 'little prince' are inspired by multiple people whom I've known in my life. The song is basically about the sterility of American suburbia. I often think about what sort of culture comes forth from places that are designed to be almost cultureless.

F: The song evokes so much energy. How did you translate that into the music video?

S: I knew because of how sassy the track was, that I wanted a sassy video as well. I worked on the video with my friend Zig, with the intention of making a video that was as visually striking as the song is sonically striking. The images and ideas are as important as the video's narrative.

F: What storyline is the music video sharing?

S: In the narrative, I'm this music video vixen that's seducing the viewer through the screen. But, the twist is that the person watching it is even more caricature-like than I am. Their world is just as unreal as the constructed world that they're observing on the screen.

F: You’ve said you wrote this song a while ago. Why decide to go back to it now?

S: Most of my songs have a fairly lengthy writing process. I'll work on them non-sequentially in bursts over the course of months. Sometimes, I'll return to a track after years of not working on it. This song's writing process was actually less all over the place than some of my other tracks. This is probably because of how strong the chorus riff is. I had very few doubts about developing it into a finished track.

F: Is it fun to play this track live? What is the audience like?

S: This track is fun to play, because it's currently Spring Silver's most popular song. The audience is geared to have a good time, because they know and like the song already. That being said, both the vocal parts and the riffs are pretty difficult to play, especially at the same time! So that can be kind of stressful, especially when people already know how the song "should" sound.

You can watch the video for "Little Prince" above, and listen to the track on all streaming platforms.

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