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StarMonster drops huge bass driven EP 'BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY'

Bass wizard StarMonster aka multi-instrumentalist champion Phil Parhamovich has just dropped another huge thumping offering of tracks. The BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY EP is 4 tracks of pure hard hitting dub step and electronica, perfect for all enthusiasts of the genres aforementioned.

"My goal was to create a super hype and mindful journey through some playful and consciously important themes....and to bring you a cathartic dance experience. I definitely enjoyed genre bending and pushing creative boundaries on this one while focusing on driving grooves."

Same titled lead single is just pure overload and the sonics that StarMonster brings to the table is just mind blowing. A pretty heavy and trippy style that is becoming synonymous of Parhamovich's sound, 'BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY' is equipped to me among some of the very best electronic anthems around. Check it out now.


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