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Strange Souvenirs capture a euphoric atmosphere on new single 'Coma Cluster'

Ever since they first emerged, Berlin-based outfit Strange Souvenirs have stood as one of the more adventurous names on the rise today. With a brilliantly innovative and diverse approach to their sound over a flurry of enticing delights these last few years, they are now looking to continue their compelling ascent with the release of their euphoric new single 'Coma Cluster'.

With its wonderfully smooth and embracing groove that occasionally feels like a Nine Inch Nails offcut, 'Coma Cluster' sits as one of their most dynamic and inspired offerings to date. Starting off with a raw and driven direction that quickly grows into this kinetic frenzy by its end, they have returned with one of their most distinctive and engaging cuts to date.

While this new effort arrives roughly two years since their last piece of new material, it is clear that they have spent much of that time away working on some wonderfully inventive ideas. Brimming with some exceptionally fun yet still immersive textures through, 'Coma Cluster' could start the beginning of a new and revived Strange Souvenirs, one ready to throw caution to the wind and break out of their formative shells.

Enjoy 'Coma Cluster' below.



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