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Stray + The Wild release statement debut alt-rock single 'Show Me The Way'

Electrifying new alt-rock quartet Stray + The Wild make their mark on the alt-rock scene with stunning debut single 'Show Me The Way'.

The band's make up starts with the hauntingly emotive voice of AlexVndria. Guided by the dark, moody, and irresistibly melodic guitar prowess of Alan Dämien, the band's compositions transcend boundaries and evoke a profound sense of introspection. Complementing the dynamic vocal and guitar interplay are the evocative bass lines of Ginny Eck, who weaves a powerful narrative alongside AlexVndria's voice, and the rhythmic foundation provided by Sam Ruff on drums.

The track's eerie, moody, and irresistibly melodic composition invites us to reflect upon our treatment of the planet, our fellow humans, and all living creatures. Its Halloween-esque atmosphere creates a unique and enigmatic auditory experience that awakens the senses.

Stray + The Wild's 'Show Me The Way' offers a sonic journey that transcends mere entertainment, encouraging profound reflection. It serves as an anthem for those who seek a path toward a brighter future, leaving an indelible mark on all who embark on this auditory expedition. Listen now and hear for yourself.

Stream 'Show Me The Way' here:

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