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Swedish songstress Matilda delivers new stunning track 'Dreaming About You'

Swedish songstress Matilda Jonnson, aka Matilda is well versed in the creation of emotive dreamscapes in the form of music. With five singles and two EPs firmly under her belt, Matilda now returns to the spotlight with her brand-new release ‘Dreaming About You.’

A small-town girl, with big time talent, Matilda hails from a town of 120 people on a Swedish island. An artist who recognises her unique talent for communicating relatable experiences, the singer-songwriter draws inspiration from the likes of Adele and Tove Lo, praising them for their raw and honest approach to songwriting. From busking on the streets of Australia, studying at Berklee college of music and playing LA’s live scenes, Matilda finds home in people and not places – making her productions globally appealing and relatable to all.

With an unfaltering love for live performance and being able to communicate with her audience with just a melody, Matilda’s discography could easily sonically hypnotise a crowd with their wistful synth patterns and gritty yet otherworldly vocal.

Alongside her zest for producing multi-dimensional productions, Matilda has a creative hand in any track she endeavours to release; gradually adding building blocks of warm and rhythmic sounds and divine harmonies, all in great anticipation of an impactful and euphonious chorus. Driving bass and a dreamy topline add the finishing touches as the rising star injects pure emotion and experience into all of her work.

Reflecting on her latest offering, Matilda said:

‘“Dreaming About You’ is a song about falling in love and longing to be with someone - wanting to open someone's eyes and show them how amazing they are. For me the story is also about anxiety, those bungled feelings and not knowing if that someone feels the same. I wrote this song to build up courage and to remain in that dreamy mindset, where you want to live a perfect love story. So many people fall in love on their own, and it’s horrible but also amazing! Because before you tell someone about your feelings, there is still hope.”

Stream 'Dreaming About You' below:

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