• joe3636

Tall Boy Special take on new realms with their comedic style in their debut album '19 Total Feet'

This comedy trio will certainly take you by surprise. Tall Boy Special are all previously actors who have performed alongside greats such as Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the friends quickly turned to their long time love for music during lockdown, and had immediate success through TikTok among other socials, with their unique approach to fun-filled, catchy songs that keep you guessing and laughing along the way.

Telling true stories of their lives and the many experiences, Tall Boy Special have wasted no time in creating their first body of work, in debut album '19 Total Feet'. An album for its signature comedic narratives, the trio have released something raw and energetic that stands out. 'L-shaped Limo' is one of the highlights, showing their dynamic range and ability to create hooky riffs and unique usage of brass instrumentation.

'Blank White Poster' is another example of their sound, almost reminiscent of the great Tenacious D, they effortlessly tell stories of fantasy that ring true. As well as 'Mrs. DiMartinez' which has more of a ballad feel to it, resulting in a more up tempo, full band sound again showcasing that they can go beyond the acoustic riffs aforementioned.

It's a statement from this Boston based threesome, and we shall see what the world makes of this witty, characteristic offering.

Listen to '19 Total Feet' here: