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Teen pop star Annissa Murad drops vibrant summer anthem "Ice Cream Mess"

Talent, charm and a youthful energy - Annissa Murad has all it takes to be pop's next teen sensation, her summer pop anthem “Ice Cream Mess,” being a vibrant example of the rising talent's overflowing potential.

Inspired by the carefree tunes of a cafe in Paris, the upbeat production matches the endearing charm of its creator, as it seeks to put aside negativity and enjoy living your best life by letting go of everything bringing you down.

A teenager herself, Annissa possesses the magical ability to make you feel like you're just another teenager on the block with her smooth blend of mature and modern pop sounds with carefree early 2000s vibes

Showcasing bold rock-chic Avril Lavigne visuals with Taylor Swift-esque tender storytelling, "Ice Cream Mess" is a relatable production that brings a girl-next-door tale to life, sure to leave your problems feeling solved, giving that push you need to take on the world headfirst.

Managing to blend endearing teenage charm with a wisdom beyond her years, the track opens with the relatable statement we all secretly contemplate, “do you ever get that feeling where nothing seems to be going your way?”, as the warm pop number bubbles with raw, heartfelt song writing that reminds us that things are never as bad as they seem.

Annissa comments on the first spark of inspiration for the track, adding: “I had always wanted to write a song which perfectly matched the feeling when nothing in life seems to be going your way since it’s such a universal experience which every single person has felt at least once in their lifetime, so when I stumbled over the title “ice cream mess” I thought it was such a vivid description of how at times life can feel as though you are a melted ice cream, once a perfectly shaped scoop til you and your sprinkles go melting all over the ground.”

Having been classically trained at the piano since the age of four and influenced by classical legends like Mozart and Chopin to pop punk contemporaries, this 15-year-old talent with her nuanced sound, lined equally with fun-filled adventures and philosophical reflections, is absolutely a teen pop sensation in the making.

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