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Tender Glue release anthemic new single ‘At The Same Time’ with new album ‘Not So Very Nice’

Tom Gluewicki is the mastermind behind Tender Glue, originally born and raised in Poland Tom he now resides in New York. His first encounter of playing music happened when he was twelve years-old after he had fixed a broken guitar that his brother brought home. He’s clearly come on leaps and bounds since, releasing signature and irresistible new music.

The single “At The Same Time” is an infectious new single. The verses feature chorus-soaked guitars that reverberate around the mix, creating the perfect foundation. On top lies softly-penned but raw vocals that marry well with the guitars. The chorus features distorted guitars, thrashing drums and an infectious vocal lead line, creating a completely different feeling.

Elaborating further on the single, Tender Glue shares: “This song represents the feeling of being sad and happy at the same time. I have always felt strongly about fall for some reason. It gives me this feeling of being happily sad. Perhaps it’s the feeling of melancholy for all the happy memories that have come to an end.”

On September 25th, Tender Glue released his debut album “Not so Very Nice.” The album is set to blow his fans away, with irresistible indie-rock gems that will entice you in and leave you wanting more. The album documents and tackles topics such as blue-collar struggle and comes in a similar form to his single “At The Same Time” and it’s one to check out for sure. A release show is taking place on October 8th in NYC. More info can be found on Tender Glue’s website: