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Tender Glue releases indie-rock anthem ‘Sad Sometimes’

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Tender Glue, the moniker of Tom Gluewicki, is a New York based singer-songwriter. Originally from Poland, his new project Tender Glue isn’t about him or his band - it’s just music that’s made by an urge to create. He found his love after fixing a broken guitar that his brother took home, and it’s safe to say he’s been refining his sound ever since. Showcasing his development into a songwriter that can pen down emotional and powerful tunes.

’Sad Sometimes’ is a huge sounding new release from Tender Glue. Fall to the floor drums smash through the mix, creating an infectious groove that will get you out of your seat dancing. Guitars are soaked in overdrive and tinged with chorus, allowing for guitar lines to ebb and flow between each other. His vocals are soft and dance on top of the mix but come tinged with rawness and passion. The song gets progressively more positive, showcasing a change in the story.

Speaking further about the track, he shares: “Sad Sometimes starts off with a negative tone of dark thoughts and the pointlessness of everything, but quickly resolves with a slower, more positive ending. The second part of the song gradually emerges into a more comforting feeling that even though there are times when nothing makes sense, there are still many important little things that lift my spirit and happiness that I want to concentrate on more often.”

With a thirst to create and express his emotions within music. Tom wants his Tender Glue project to act as a place that many will find solace in - he wants to really connect with his audience. With this in mind, we can only see him improving and expanding his already engaged fanbase.

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