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The Antipop MVMT shares new track 'No Need to Argue'

The Antipop Mvmt is paying homage to her most beloved inspiration The Cranberries, in particular the late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan, in her latest track “No Need To Argue”.

A cover of the band’s poignant 1994 hit, with influences drawn from the rest of their sprawling discography, Ophelia X, creator of The Antipop Mvmt, has revived it in the most intimate of fashions. A vast sonic ambience accompanied by her powerful vocals and opposing graceful piano make for a truly uplifting listen, an almost futuristic quality to the track, which is being released on the anniversary of Dolores’ devastating passing.

The Cranberries are at the very heart of Ophelia’s artistry, as she enthuses, “Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries is one of my greatest idols. She is the reason I started writing my own songs. I can't think of records that I had on repeat more than the Cranberries as a 90's teen. She was with me for literally every heartbreak and every time I listen to their music I am taken back to a montage of my teenage and young adult self. When she passed it felt like heartbreak. I wanted to do something to honor her this year, to pay respect. The cover actually contains 7 of their songs within the song ... I'm curious if folks can pick them out - some are very obvious and some very subtle”.

Ophelia is already reaping in the rewards of her spellbinding debut album “Love Me”, that has seen Spotify streams soar over 250,000 since its release on Christmas Day. With hints of Lorde and Halsey, the record symbolises Ophelia’s compelling imagination, allowing us a peek into her brand of anthemic yet subtly dark pop.

As she claims she has over 500 songs under wraps that she wishes to release, the artist is destined to be the scene’s newest exciting eccentric.

Watch the video for 'No Need to Argue' here:

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