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The Band Cope channel a wistful nature on new single 'Georgia'

Photo: @strangeexposures

When San Diego-based trio The Band Cope released their breakthrough debut album 'Advanced Coping Mechanism' in 2021, they were seen as one of the more enchanting names doing the rounds that year. Since then, they have rekindled much of that initial passion thanks to their comeback offering 'Anyone' last year, but now look to venture down a more wistful avenue with their latest outing, 'Georgia'.

While the core sound of 'Georgia' still plays very much into their distinctive dream-pop direction, it has a much more alluring and sweeping nature to it. Branching further into a more rounded and tender aesthetic this time around, their newest effort sees them in their brightest guise to date, advancing their overall sound with a beautifully crafted finesse.

With the new single also set to feature on a new EP from the band, due out at the end of May, 'Georgia' certainly comes across as the next vital step within their musical evolution to date. Brimming with a warm and self-assured aura, we are more than excited to hear what their next collection has to offer us as well.

Enjoy 'Georgia' below.



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