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The Dualers bring fantastic positive-vibes in new album 'Voices From The Sun'

The Dualers have already achieved unbelievable success throughout their career. They achieved a number 21 in the UK charts with their single 'Kiss on the Lips', landed on Radio 2 with their single 'Only When You’re Around' and achieved huge praise for their single 'Truly Madly Deeply' to name a few. However, their latest album 'Voices From The Sun' stands up to be their best work yet.

'Voices From The Sun' is a melting pot of reggae and ska. Catchy drums always pierce through the mix, creating a fantastic base for the rest of the band. Bass lines are groovy, and working with drums, will get you up and dancing. Keyboards, guitars and horns ebb and flow between each other, creating a pool of melodies that dance around with each other creating their signature sound. Tyber Cranstoun's vocals come straight from the heart. Passionate and soulful, they provide a warmth that is reverberated on every track on the album.

The band’s personal journey is perhaps even more inspiring. Born to the man who quite literally brought Ska to the UK, brothers Tyber and Si Cranstoun formed the Jamaican Rhythm and Blues band with literal music history running through their veins. The pair’s humble beginnings as buskers quickly blossomed into a viral sensation with videos of the brothers causing impromptu dance street parties quickly amassing over 7 million YouTube views. With such a following and so many accolades, we're sure they'll take this to the top.


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