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The Fabulous Red Diesel Take Listeners On A Historical Expedition With Latest Track 'Nellie Gale'

It's not often that you hear of a find a 4 piece jazz band that can write a song about an ancestor who originated nude dancing in the west end, but that's exactly what The Fabulous Red Diesel have done with their latest single Nellie Gale.

Nellie Gale is a walk through history as much as it is a song. Telling the story of the titular character, one of the West End’s first nude dancers who performed as a windmill girl at the windmill theatre, Nellie was also the great grandmother of the bands lead singer Miss Kitty. A track that wouldn’t be out of place in the background of a roaring 20’s mansion party, The Fabulous Red Diesel presents an entertainment experience.

The band is made up of a husband (Duke Boom) and wife (Miss Kitty), a transgender trumpeteer (Miss Bea-Have) and a guitarist (Rabbi Jaffa Delicous). Based in Hastings they have been entertaining audiences for some time through their live shows, even supporting artists such as The James Taylor Quartet, Skunk Anansie and Jeff Buckley.

A fabulous band with a larger than life attitude and an overwhelming amount of character and energy, they have a unique sound that allows them to switch between multiple different sounds in an instant, ranging from hip-hop inspired bops to latin and funk.

The band's latest album ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’ is now out and available to stream.

Listen to 'Nellie Gale' here;

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