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The New Consistent drops 'Stories From The 01905'

Loaded with Birmingham street-smarts, The New Consistent's newest record 'Stories from the 019065' is a compelling listen that floats from old-school garage to stargazing synth lines. Take a listen below:

Speaking of his new single, The New Consistent explains:

The tune was written at a massive time of change in my life, at a point where the overwhelming feeling for a good few months was pretty dark. On the other hand though, my music had really started to kick off a bit, and I was writing loads for the first time. I remember this song being quite pivotal, because it summed up the last few months' feelings so well, and I remember being so proud of the melody in the chorus. At the time (about 18 months ago) it felt pretty big, and in all the time since that, the feeling hasn’t changed. It was me singing the chorus for a while, but I remember showing a few of my people it and it seemed a bit flat, maybe like an EP track or something, but as soon as Charlotte jumped on it, I knew it had to be a single. She completely transformed the whole song, it's one of the best vocal takes I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

Our favourite from the record is the EP's closer 'Touch Of A Woman featuring Dani Murden. It's certainly one for your playlists.

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