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The People Versus Return with enchanting new single: 'Pretty Words'

Oxford 6-piece - THE PEOPLE VERSUS - return with an alluring dream-pop single: ‘Pretty Words’

A hypnotic sound that encompasses the original flare The People Versus are known for, 2023 sees their return with new ethereal release: 'Pretty Words'. A blend of instruments that combine to make an indie-pop rhythm, this release utilises grittier guitar lines and swirling electronics over the grounding bass. Perfectly blended with tight beats and melodic driven verses, a technical asset of the track comes in its layering: using 4AD style atmospherics to curate an exceptional mis-en-scene. Topped with the emotive and strikingly heartfelt vocals by Alice Edwards, The People Versus prove an exciting watch - having already made a big impression with their first few releases achieving radio play across BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X and BBC Introducing. As well as appearances on BBC News, the indie outfit have built a growing hype around their infectious sound that has audiences excited.

Cover art: Jack Wilkinson

Exploring obscure concepts through music, 'Pretty Words' was written to express the sharp contrast between personal views centred in your own life and the constant struggles that often come with that, juxtaposing the redundancy such an alien concept has to something as huge as an ocean. The People Versus go on to describe:

The feeling that you're being attacked by an ocean whilst you're at sea, when the reality is that even if the ocean was sentient, you are so small that you wouldn't be a factor in its decision making. This is drawn in parallel with when how you feel has no effect on a situation, how unrequited love won't make someone love you; but that doesn't mean you can switch it off.



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