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The Sukis share their electrifying debut EP ‘Becca’

The Sukis’ new EP ‘Becca’ is everything you’d expect from the Alt-Garage outfit. Featuring four previously released singles and an acoustic version of their track ‘Becca’, the EP pieces together the elements of the band’s energetic and lovestruck sound as a single body of work to be enjoyed as a single piece of sonic art.

Elements of Indie music of decades past can be heard in The Suki’s sound with current elements and a distinct British feel, with subtle nods to their British Indie music contemporaries- with a unique spin. Riddled with infectious riffs and an easy-going demeanour, it’s no wonder the band have racked up millions of streams before their first official EP was even released. With a number of sold-out shows already under their belt, the only way is up for Hertfordshire three-piece.


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