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The Swirlers release new track "Legacy", featuring INFINITESNDS

Fresh from London’s urban underground scene, South East trio The Swirlers deliver “Legacy”, a track that refuses to be boxed in.

Following a streak of success with their previous releases, the three piece have joined forces with DJ powerhouse duo INFINITESNDS to help elevate them to the next level. Taking inspiration from a multitude of genres, with snippets of funk, grime, house and garage all notable, the pounding beat, exquisite production and pulse-raising rhythm are enough to get anybody on their feet.

Weaving between styles comes as no mistake for the track however, as each artist has played an equal influence in making it their own. “Legacy is the leading single off our upcoming project EX2 (abbreviation for “Example 2” - a collection of songs that represent examples of the different musical styles you can expect to hear from us in the future). Legacy is an ode to the genres which our generation grew up on through the 90s & Naughties - “House Garage Grime Funky Dance Soul”. It’s what we like to call “A Celebration of British Sounds”.

Whilst the nucleus of their music will always be hip-hop and R&B, The Swirlers aren’t afraid to break down the barriers and constraints of what they are expected to be; their bold approach shifts into their artistic prowess, going against the grain without worrying so much about the outcome. The three piece, compiled of SheiyhSweat, Southcoastcalms and J2ND, are taking control of their future, and bringing the underground into the well earned light.

Listen to "Legacy" here:


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