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Thea Lissi grips listeners in single 'Won't Be Mine'

American singer-songwriter and dancer Thea Lissi is here with the refreshing song ‘Won’t Be Mine’. A mother who recently went through a divorce, Lissi used her experiences to write and record her first debut “Ready Now.”

The debut tells the story of Lissi putting herself back out there into what she calls a terrifying dating world. Using “Ready Now” as her starting point, Lissi has since signed with Payn Kyller Records and has her sights on pursuing her music career even further and using her plentiful life experiences to fuel her work and inspire her listeners.

Speaking about her new release, Thea Lissi shares,"I was inspired to write "Won't be Mine" while trying to leave my now ex-husband. I tried for years to make the relationship work & he didn’t seem to care. Once I left he finally changed but it was too late. We tried for 2 years to make it work but I just wanted to be free and for him to let me leave.

Which then led to me finding my passion for writing music again and writing “Won’t Be Mine”. Although WBM was written before my other releases, I wasn’t able to record it until 2021 when I finally found a guitarist.”

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