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  • Alice Smith

Theatrical Metal Band Drops Latest Single 'Resurgence'

Anonymous Metal band ‘Plagues’ releases their latest single ‘Resurgence’. Born out of the chaos of 2020 in the UK, Plagues has blossomed into a captivating theatrical metal phenomenon amassing a devoted following for their mesmerizing compositions and captivating lore.

This dedicated legion named 'Scholars of Light' has cultivated a pulsing digital sanctuary called 'We Are the Cleansing' or 'Sanctuarii', where individuals unite in their shared admiration for the band’s compelling lore and audial artistry. Behind anonymous and veiled faces, Plagues unfurls a rich and alluring narrative centred on the enigmatic entity, Xy’lothra, heightening the allure and sparking a quest for understanding among their ardent fans.

Their latest single ‘Resurgence’ was self-produced and recorded, with Plagues taking cues from cinematic music and blending it with their Metal/Metalcore style. The result is a triumphant wall of sound that features a rich array of orchestral and acoustic instrumentation paired with heavily distorted guitar riffs and pounding drum lines that amplify the song’s intent of portraying resilience over hardship.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track Xy’lothra states “Resurgence tells the epic tale of Xy’lothra summoning the Scholars of Light to brace against a threat to all existence. The narrative underscores the essential theme of mustering strength from a place of perceived weakness. It echoes the universal struggle of overcoming overwhelming adversity to protect and provide for loved ones. The song stands as a powerful anthem, inspiring resilience and unwavering resolve in the face of daunting challenges.”

Since releasing their debut EP in 2021 ‘The Book of Plagues: Volume 1 - Daywalker’, the band has steadily grown their catalogue, bringing an ever-expanding following into the fold. To date, the band has amassed over half a million streams across Spotify with their latest single ‘Pledge’ gaining over 240k alone. Plagues further enraptured audiences with their haunting cover of Linkin Park’s "Crawling," a respectful homage that echoes the dark and emotive resonance of their unique sound, entwining past and present in a symphonic embrace. Amid the rising tide of success, whispers ripple through the Sanctuarii of a looming debut album. While no confirmation has pierced the shrouded veil of Plagues, the fervent hope remains alight, fueling the anticipation and desire for a comprehensive auditory odyssey into the world of Xy’lothra and beyond.

Plagues stand unyielding at the vanguard of theatrical metal, their cryptic presence and sonic mastery continually captivating and beguiling fans, guiding them deeper into the labyrinths of their transcendent universe. Join the Scholar of Light and tread the path of discovery, enveloped in the rich harmonies and unfolding sagas of Plagues.

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