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These Brittle Bones shares his ambient, electronic track ‘Postscript’.

Welsh-Singaporean producer These Brittle Bones’ approach to making music pulls from more than just musical inspirations. A lover of literature and poetry, These Brittle Bones has created ‘Postscript’, an interpretation of the words on the paper. Hazy soundscapes meet lo-fi piano in a sea of soothing reverb, effortlessly soothing the soul.

Speaking on the release, These Brittle Bones says: “Postscript is the first song I’ve released in about three years, and I’ve taken my time to find the exact sound I was happy with. I found that I was limiting myself when trying to fit words to a melody, and instead wanted to explore the expressive capacities of instrumental music, which can communicate in often very powerful ways. In some senses then, Postscript is literally a ‘post-script’ - beyond words - but also a ‘P.S.’ - a retrospective statement, after the event, a few years after I last released music. In other ways, it’s also inspired by a striking Seamus Heaney poem of the same name. Heaney’s poem is rich in images of experiences that one will only encounter once in their lifetime, and I wanted to try and create a sonic landscape capturing the emotion of that poem. To translate it beyond words.”

A reflection on purpose during lockdowns in Singapore, London and Wales, ‘Postscript’ is a stunning artistic accumulation of the struggles of the past couple of years.

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