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THISMINORITY releases irresistible new single 'LOVE'

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

THISMINORITY doesn't want the trope of being a urban artist. Instead his lyrics nod to his many different inspirations, all of which span different genres. Ultimately, he wants to create a safe space for his fans who can find solace in his music. His aesthetic is unique and distinctive, with his face always being hidden, this showcases the changes he made in his life to become a more positive person, hoping that his look and music will combine to inspire others.

His latest single 'LOVE' embodies his entire identity as an artist. A heartwarming piano glistens in the mix alongside vintage drums creating the perfect foundation. On top lies his voice - raw and passionate working well with his hard-hitting bars. With all these elements put together, the track pays homage to a number of urban genres, creating his own melting pot.

THISMINORITY reveals that: “Love is a take on my journey to service. Inspired by the people I serve and admire, I aim to have listeners become collaborators in spreading the message of Love that echoes through the hooks of the song!”

With such a positive message, THISMINORITY is looking to inspire thousands. His unique sound and aesthetic combine to form a fantastic partnership, and will propel him to reach the top - we can’t wait to see where he’ll take it.

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