• FLEX Staff

Tizane Returns With Ethereal New Track 'Cherry'

Beaming with an ethereal ambience in her voice that captures you upon the first note, Tizane is an artist you can’t help but notice. At the tender age of 19, the London singer-songwriter has released her rousing debut album ‘Cherry’ , with the titular lead single an electrifying taster of what is sure to be an instant hit.

The track opens with deliciously textured vocals before bursting into a kaleidoscope of groovy guitar and freckles of percussion. An intricate blend of funk and indie-pop, she combines both in a manner that is unique and infectious, with the melody swirling around in your mind far after the song has finished.

Tizane is no stranger to tackling the more difficult topics within her music, having been fearlessly open about her struggles with mental health, she opens the door for conversations that need to be had. She teeters between love and loss within her songwriting, and her LP are a collection of songs that are beautifully sincere yet also sonically bright.

For fans of Billie Eilish and Bishop Briggs, Tizane is a star in the making and ‘Cherry’ , both the single and album, have a vivacity far beyond her years.