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'Too Late' by House Of Miagi is your new favourite Afro-beat imbued R&B track

Absorbing influences from family and their loved music growing up, together with own life experiences and high future aspirations, House Of Miagi (also called HXM) has been molding his own sound. With over 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this artist has been establishing his fanbase with his infectious melodies, wrapped in commercial appeal. The new single 'Too Late' is jam-packed with Afrobeat, dancehall, R&B, and UK hip-hop, all held together by outstanding lyricism, making it a must-have for your summer playlist.

Speaking to us about the release HXM says:

“This record has probably been one of the easiest to write as it all just clicked and sounded complete before I wrote any words on the page. My process when songwriting is never the same, but with this particular song, I felt like the melodies and chords were composing themselves. The hardest part was trying to write the most gripping first line and when I felt I had it, I knew this was how I wanted to tell this story. The inspiration behind this song is one I am sure most people have experienced, it's a story about love, patience, and the expectation that your words are enough without actions. When I finished this song I sent it to my producer 'Oscar Moos' (who is an absolute genie of an engineer), we worked on it and brought in the live track of everyone to really bring the song to life in ways I couldn't alone.”

With a dedicated fan base and irresistible beats that make you want to dance, this artist is a breath of fresh air in the scene that you will not want to miss.