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Twin Solitaire releases poignant EP ‘Last Of The Line’

With his latest project, Last Of The Line, Twin Solitaire embraces an exploration of self, his writing is thoughtful and poignant, reflecting on the darker elements of the world with a sense of wisdom and understanding. The first track 'Rolling Man', moves from sparse, ballad performances into a glittering indie-rock soundscape, the bright guitars remaining as we move into the title track, though the soundscape is filled with intricate acoustic arpeggios and warm piano chords. The third track 'Right In Front Of Me' captures an ethereality within the journey, with delicate guitar melodies balancing against a sea of washed percussion and instrumentation. Finally 'I'm Reminded', takes a slightly grittier approach, rounding out the project with boundless optimism, coming to the end of the introspection with a renewed sense of passion in the vocals.

Twin Solitaire adds, ”The songs on Last of the Line dive into subject matter that I haven’t written about in the past - exploring questions about my own mortality, childhood friendships, and the big “what could have been?”. I liked the idea of contrasting the heavier, more introspective lyrics with upbeat arrangements and melodies that best highlight where I’m coming from as a musician, being primarily a guitar player and a singer.”

The moniker of Seattle-based artist Bryan Hall, Twin Solitaire has released music across the 2020s, each new song produced in Hall’s home studio. Writing, recording, and producing original music, Hall combines indie rock material with thought-provoking lyricism, capturing the influence of the city in which he shines with sensibilities of rock, grunge, indie and folk.



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