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TWO LANES lead us into electronic serendipity with 'Left Behind'

TWO LANES are a highly dynamic duo who have taken the electronic world by storm. Creating incredible and individual sounding music throughout their debut single 'Away' in 2018, it's safe to say they have reached soaring heights since, becoming an absolute force to be reckoned with. Leo brings the piano and Rafa brings the electronica, and the combination is electrifying.

They have been consistently been releasing in 2022 and their new single 'Left Behind' is a slice of pure sonically envisioned gold. The melted acoustic piano with the synonymous raspy vocals bring a real uplifting and mesmerising sound that travels far and wide. 'Left Behind' is perfect for fans of RY X and Mild Minds, looking for that downtempo electronic fix that sets the tone for your day. Check it out now, it's brilliant.

Listen to 'Left Behind' here:

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