• joe3636

Vanishing Shores releases statement indie pop gem of an album in 'Maps'

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Power-pop songwriter Kevin Bianchi, AKA Vanishing Shores, has been wowing people with subtle and unique blend of upbeat indie pop and americana. He has had a plethora of singles out already showcasing his hugely modern and present sound, and now finally releases his debut album 'Maps' for the world to wrap their ears into.

The 8-track LP is full of fun-filled guitar riffs and Bianchi's signature vocal, delighting the major chord in us all. Title track 'Maps' is a particular highlight, reminiscent of the early days of the mighty Foo Fighter's 'Big Me', casting that element of nostalgia upon us with his charming chord progressions and lyricism. 'Long Gone' is a slow and emotive builder that completely switches the mood, with it's soft and swooning harmonies layered throughout, with a beautiful string arrangement to coincide.

On what is an album mostly written about the loss of his father, 'Maps' is a statement from the hugely prolific artist, depicting the notion that it's OK to lose someone, and that magic can still be created from your inner self afterwards. Check out 'Maps' now.

"The first songs were formed by the struggle of my Father-in-Law with Alzheimer’s and his daily struggle to remember and hold on to the people and memories that were so precious to him. It is from that exploration of loss that the album developed into something more; a ragged, yet firm expression of hope in the transcendent power of love."