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Velvet Two Stripes unveil the stunning music video for new track 'Fever'

Filmed in the Swiss mountain ranges, Velvet Two Stripes' breathtaking music video for their new track 'Fever' is unmissable! The enchanting vocals and punchy guitar riffs are complemented well by the mysterious settings and stunning scenes of nature.

Watch the music video for 'Fever':

Velvet Two Stripes reflect on what inspired ‘Fever’:

“‘Fever’ describes an obsession that almost turns into a kind of mania. The atmosphere of the song is very mystical and it embodies our musical development throughout the years. Especially our openness towards trying new methods of recording stands out in this song. This is particularly noticeable in the polyphonic vocals, the bass that is played with a bottleneck and our beer organ specially created for the song.”

You can stream 'Fever' on Spotify HERE

Velvet Two Stripes are sisters Sophie and Sara Diggelmann and Franca Mock. Their new album 'Sugar Honey Ice Tea' is slated for release on October 15th 2021.

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