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XTIE opens up about fake friends with her new pop track ‘Frenemy’.

Driven by emotive piano chords and pulsating synths, XTIE reveals her personal narrative of getting too comfortable with people too soon on her new track ‘Frenemy’. Self-produced to perfection with sugar-sweet vocal melodies delivering infinitely relatable lyrics, XTIE has created a euphoric pop soundscape.

Discussing the meaning behind the new track, XTIE shares: “We used to be BFFs but suddenly we just grew apart and we can't find a reason. We used to tell jokes, make fun of each other and share secrets. Now you know all my secrets but we are not friends anymore.

I feel like social media could help make new friends but it sometimes make old friends grow apart, sudden jealousy on how good your life is now, compare this or that scrolling through the stories of our ‘friends’, we seems to get friend's recent life updates through IG but not calling up each other to chat anymore.”

XTIE has effortlessly created her own strain of bubblegum pop that will take you from your headphones straight to the dancefloor.

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