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Ysa releases summer-soaked single ‘Shed Those Tears’

Artist, producer, singer and songwriter Ysa has been producing music out of her home studio in Nashville that’s allowed her to hit the industry hard. She’s received placements on the likes of Netflix, Hulu, NBC, ABC, CW Plus, MTV, VH1 and Lifetime. Her music pulls from her Costa Rican and Russian heritage, with her taste expanding into other genres through growing up in Florida. She’s a self-taught multi-instrumentalist but finds he real love in beatmaking.

Ysa’s latest song, ‘Shed Those Tears’ is a gorgeous R&B anthem that sees the artist flex both her songwriting and vocal prowess. Both her angelic and alluring vocals are soft on the ears, working well alongside thoughtful and playful lyricism. The beat merges R&B with sensibilities from lo-fi and pop, soaking each element in a summer time glow. It’s danceable and irresistible, with a dynamic and vibrant instrumental to back it up.

The artist shares “It’s a tongue and cheek play on the dynamics of missing someone in a relationship. When I'm not around I need you to miss me and shed those tears".



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