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YUPHORIC releases optimistic anthem for fellow musicians with 'Mom's Song (ft. MERON)'

Berlin-based duo YUPHORIC known for their blend of various genres returned with a new track titled 'Mom's Songs' in collaboration with MERON. Rather than sticking to one genre, the two artists take pride in offering songs that have elements of hip-hop, soul, and electronic music - this new track is no exception! 'Mom's Song' is the second extract from the upcoming album NEW NORMAL set to release later this year.

A conversation with fellow Berlin artist MERON naturally led to the creation of the song. As they were wrapping up a week full of writing sessions, they all went to talk about pursuing a career in the music industry despite others' doubts. A few minutes later, the song smoothly came to be with first Yuval playing the guitar, then MERON singing, which then led to Phøn playing the chorus piano hook.

Striving to be an artist when those around you doubt your path - this song represents the persistence we need to stay on our given path, and follow through.“ - YUPHORIC

Listen below:

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