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5 Song I Love w/ Sara De Sanctis

Sara De Sanctis is an Italian-born musician who now resides in Bristol. With the release of her debut single 'Serendipity', we wanted to know more about the music that inspired Sara and made her fall in love with music. Before you check out her picks, make sure to take a listen to 'Serendipity' HERE

1) Bachelorette - Bijork

I believe Bijork is one of the greatest singers of all time, and I have always been fascinated by her artistic persona as well as her aesthetic music videos. I love this song first of all because it always gave me a lot of motivation, whenever I wondered what was the reason for me behind making music, and whether it was the right choice. Listening to songs such as Bachelorette always gave me a lot of strength and reference points to aim at. In particular, I love how this song combines elements of the Asian heritage, with those of classical and operatic tradition, blended together by Bijork’s beautiful vocals.

2) Bloom - Thom Yorke Electric Studios version

As much as I love the original Radiohead song, I just can’t get enough of this version. I love everything about it: the texture built at the beginning, its development, but most of all Thom’s vocals, which are so soft and yet so incredibly moving. This song was also really helpful for me, as I used it as a reference point for some of my songs, not only for its structure, but also for the way it naturally blends piano and electronic sounds.

3) Cigarettes After Sex: K

I love Cigarettes After Sex and I love this song because thanks to it I came to know the band. I remember I was struck by their music, so simple and yet effective, which manage to have a huge impact from the very first chords. The voice, so effortless and intimate, is hard to forget and ‘grasps’ you delicately.

4) Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser - All Flowers in Time Bend towards the sun

I must admit I just discovered this song recently, but I fell in love with it. And the fact that it’s not even the definitive version, makes me appreciate it even more. I love the amazing timbres of the voices blending together, but most of all the powerful meaning of the lyrics, which never fails to cheer me up.

5) Aurora - Exist for Love

I just don’t believe Aurora is even human. I love the embellishments and melismas she uses in her voice, which sound so natural and easy (but are really not, if you try to replicate them!). On the whole, this song is just so beautiful it leaves you speechless.

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