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5 Songs I Love w/ CARLEY

R&B/pop artist CARLEY released her uplifting and multi-dimensional EP "12:34" this fall, positioning herself as the newest star on our collective radar. The EP, and title track, are named after her idea that the time is often a sign to keep moving towards positivity and light, often seen by her on clocks and license plates. She calls this phenomenon a "God wink," one that served as hope as she moved from Texas to LA to pursue her artistry full-time.

Other tracks on the project are equally as optimistic, like the bubbly "Fiji" where she proclaims, "Anything I want, I know it's mine." Vibes are abundant, and smooth beats compliment her gorgeous vocals.

We sat down with CARLEY to discuss her favorite tracks, and how they've inspired her latest work.

1. “THIS YEAR (Blessings)"- Victor Thompson

"This song was on repeat this past year for me. I love lyrics and inspiring feel. All about calling good things and good vibes into your life!"

2. “Very Special” - Chris Brown

"This one is off his new album '11:11' and I love the whole theme of it. This song in-particular has such a great bounce to it and I’m a sucker for Chris’s tone and vocals. Always the best harmonies and layers."

3. “Nonsense”- Sabrina Carpenter

"Now this is one of those songs I wish I wrote! Such a bop. So playful and catchy. I love when she jumps up the octave in the hook as well. She’s so dope."

4. “Hermosa Drive” - Hermanos Gutiérrez

"This song feels like driving down an dessert highway at sunset. I love the instruments used and the chill but warm vibe to it."

5. “Exes” - Tate McRae

"Another one I wish I wrote! Tate is so dope and this song specifically is just so well done and catchy. The top lines are incredible in my opinion. I love the layers of backgrounds and ads used to amplify the feel of the song!"

Stream "12:34" across platforms today!

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