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5 Songs I Love w/ Disco Dicks

Following the release of their larger than life new track 'Undercover Lover', we caught up with the masters of dance rock themselves to find out a little bit more about the music they love and that inspires them. Bandmates Rut and Stef share 5 songs below, so if you're a fan then be sure to check out 'Undercover Lover'!

Parcels - Tighuprightnow


An early video by the band Parcels. This band in one word is just amazing. Their harmonisation and arrangements are fabulous. It has elements of The Beatles, Chic, Supertramp, Stax and all so gently and tastefully blended. Like a 70s funk band on doping, sounding vintage and modern at the same time. Plus the styling of the band is the cherry on the cake. If you don’t know this band, it’s really worth giving them a listen.

Dua Lipa - Levitating


Modern pop music to the max. Dua Lipa is an artist nowadays that I believe makes timeless music. The whole record Future Nostalgia is full of big produced pop hits where she blended the 80s, 90s and 00s super smoothly. In this track I’m mostly inspired by the production and toplining. It fills the whole spectrum in a really creative way, sounding really fresh and from a songwriting perspective just very pleasing from beginning to end.

Blake Mills - Tiny Desk


Cheating on a bit of a longer video. Blake Mills is in my humble opinion the most talented guitar player walking the face of the earth at the time being. In his solo material he really dives in a more experimental direction, but always staying very sensitive. I think he is, also in his work as a producer, the master of organic feel and sound. Having a massive knowledge in harmony and soundscaping he uses this very tastefully in his productions. If it ever comes out that this man is actually not from this planet, I wouldn’t be surprised...

Kirk Franklin – Hosanna live


One of the most outstanding live performances I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Such an incredible band and those vocal harmonies are so on point. But yet it’s still a hooky song that also shows a lot of song writing qualities. I’m not religious at all, but if there was such incredible music in church here in Europe – I would go there every week :D

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Far live


I love this improvised and organic approach towards electronic music. It really adds a different layer to the aesthetics of programmed music. An amazing inspirational musician and band - technically on the top level, but yet very musical and tasteful playing.

Check out the music video for 'Undercover Lover' here:

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