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5 Songs I Love w/ ena b.

ena b. is an experimental electronic artist now based in Lisbon, who has found solace and hope in producing music and finding a sound that she truly loves and feels attached to. Her debut album 'Ketamine Vacation' based on deep personal experiences, ena b. blends nuances of folk with electronica, to create a beautiful, cascading sonic journey that holds so much to love about it.

We sat down with ena b. to learn her 5 songs that she loves right now, exclusively for FLEX!


1. Bonobo - Tides

Absolutely love the vocals of Jamila Woods and the arrangement of the song. It’s catchy and still edgy. I’m a big fan of Bonobo’s work and this one I love particularly because I too come from a singer songwriter background and I love the mix of electronic and storytelling.

2. Kelly Lee Owens - Throwing Lines

The synths are so great in this song! Love the sound design and her vocals. I only recently discovered Kelly Lee Owens and she became one of my biggest inspirations in electronic music.

3. Julianna Barwick – Healing Is A Miracle

I really enjoy the calming effect of this song. Beautiful vocal layers and synths. I always listen to it on the plane when I’m nervous or if I can’t sleep. I also love the use of reverb in her music, even though it’s a lot, it’s so well done.

4. Nosaj Thing – Blue Hour

One of my favorite songs for sure. Julianna’s vocals and the arrangement go so well together, there’s a melancholy to the song and still an uplifting chorus. I really like ethereal vocals and electronic arrangements and to me this is a perfect combination of both. I also like that the arrangement is kept simple but to the point. 

5. Amy Mann – Save Me

Amy Mann is one of my favorite storytellers. I love the movie “Magnolia” and this song is in a way simple yet very powerful. The lyrics are great and I love when a song can be played just on a guitar with vocals and it still captures your attention. To me this is one of those songs.

Don't forget to stream 'Ketamine Vacation' in full below:


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