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5 Songs I Love W/ Iota Phi

Having recently released her stunning new single 'Wide Awake (C Dorian)' Iota Phi once again demonstrated her impeccable ability to create cinematic, experimental electronic-come-alternative pop soundscapes full of stunning musical ideas. We were s intrigued to see what artists inspire her music. Here's Lia with 5 of her top picks:

Smerz -I don’t talk about that much / Hva hvis

It evokes feelings of freedom, urgency, and intimacy. I love how unexpected it is, the marrying of the beat with the almost RnB vocals. The video takes it to a whole different level.

SOPHIE - Not Okay

This track simply grabs your attention and gets you panting no matter where you are or what you do. Impeccable production. Innovative and bold. Loving the old school vox vibes.

James Blake - Say What You Will

I think this song has a very classic quality to it. It’s easy to overlook maybe, you need to hear it a couple of times to fully appreciate it and also that’s the whole idea of the song in my opinion. Sometimes gems stay hidden. The lyrics are just phenomenal. The topline and the harmonies are wonderful and James’ voice really shines here.

Nils Frahm - Says

I love how dreamy it is. The song unfolds in such a magical way. The sounds just take over and create a full experience for the listener/the “experiencer”. It has this undeniable virtue and beauty.

Sevdaliza - That Other Girl

Minimal, great production, very impactful. I love how minimal yet how full it sounds. I also love the meaning behind the lyrics. Very bassy and very sophisticated at the same time.

Watch the video for Iota Phi's New single 'Wide Awake (C Dorian)' below:

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