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5 Songs I Love w/ John Korbel

Emerging jazz-pop singer-songwriter John Korbel returns once again to deliver his shimmering new delight 'New York All To Ourselves'. Taken from his newly released studio album 'Falling Feels Like Flying', 'New York All To Ourselves' makes for a wonderfully smooth and alluring listen, for any lover of jazz, pop and everything in between. We sat down with John to learn all about his 5 favourite songs, exclusively for FLEX!


1. Kurt Elling & SuperBlue - Black Crow

Kurt Elling is at the top of his vocal game in his collaboration with hybrid guitarist, Charlie Hunter. This is such a funky rendition of the Joni Mitchell classic.

2. Britt Lari - All About You

Britt gets my vote for the next major pop superstar. She creates EDM with such fantastic lyricism.

3. The Beatles - Penny Lane

The song just paints the picture for your mind…and a piccolo trumpet too!

4. Frank Sinatra - All The Way

Sinatra’s romanticism completely captured in a Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn songwriting masterpiece. 

5. Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart

Sting’s first solo album was a revelation for me. It redefined what was possible.

Please checkout John's 'New York All To Ourselves' below:


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