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5 Songs I Love w/ Romantic Thriller

Romantic Thriller has recently unveiled her enigmatic new track 'I Cannot Tell'. With a distinctive sound that is uniquely hers, we caught up with Romantic Thriller to find out a bit more about what music she loves so we can hear the influences that make her the artist she is. If you're a fan of any of the tracks below, be sure to check out the music video for 'I Cannot Tell' at the end!

1. Alice Glass - Forgiveness

Alice Glass is just my new favorite. And this song is my new obsession. I think it has such a unique melody and the perfect blend of catchy dance song and goth vibes. I really wish I sounded like this. :)

2. Sega Bodega - Salv Goes to Hollywood

Sega Bodega is an excellent song writer and producer. When I first discovered him it was as a producer for Shygirl and Eartheater. But then I heard his music and realized that I love the songs he produces for himself the most. I love the cinematic staging and unconventional structure. This video is so freakin’ good as well.

3. Sick Din - Reaper

Sick Din is so sick! I went on a short tour with Bethany a few years back and feel in love with all the Sick Din tracks. She sings almost in an operatic way. But like aliens have possessed her. Based on this video and the one for Space Sickness, I think it might be true.

4. Rebecca Black - Read My Mind feat Slayyyter

This video rules so hard. Just everything. The moments when motorcycle hero, Billy Torino comes into the gas station and the song breaks down into a softer bit leading up to their babelicious joyride on his bike are so perfectly timed.

5. Ashnikko - Daisy

This song to me feels so raw and honest. I was immediately struck by it. I like how she projects real anger and and then flips it and you see the vulnerable side as well. And of course, sassy af. Amazing.

Check out 'I Cannot Tell':

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