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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ The Gloomies

For eight years, The Gloomies, led by Andy Craig, have steadily risen in the music scene. Their debut single "LSD" in 2015 marked the start, earning them the title of "Buzz band of the week" on NME. Their signature style blends fuzzy surf punk with infectious melodies. Now they're back with the alt-rock single "Cave". We sat down with Andy to discuss his favorite tracks, and how they lend him inspiration.

1. Tyler, The Creator -Earfquake

"I love everything Tyler puts out. The melodies throughout this song are so catchy and hard not to sing with and move along to. I also think that the way he manipulates his voice throughout the song  is really cool and unique."

2. King Krule - Dum Surfer

"This song has consistently stayed in my music rotation since it was released in 2017. I’ve always loved everything Archy does but this song in particular really has it all. The lyrics and just overall tone of his vocals throughout the song sets such a mood. The music video is also really cool."

3. Dur-Dur Band - Dooya

"This song immediately transports me to feeling happy and energetic. I first heard of this band through a surf video and just everything about this song is so good. I love the lo fi sounds of the drums and guitars."

4. Onyx Collective - Skate Park

"I remember first hearing this really cool jazz band while I was living in New York. They would continually change up their live set and who was performing with them - I always thought that was so cool, and keeps everything they do unique. I really love the swing on the drums when they come in. Feels so good."

5. Kim Gordon - Bye Bye

"My newest obsession. Everything Kim Gordon does is amazing, and she always inspires me with how she tests the limits. The heaviness of it mixed with the packing list like lyrics is just all so good." 

Listen to The Gloomies' "Cave"



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